Sunday, August 29, 2010

Book Review: When Blood Calls

J. K. Beck (also published as Julie Kenner) sent me an ARC (Advanced Reading Copy) of the first in her new Urban Fantasy Series 'When Blood Calls' in exchange for my review:

Sara Constantine is a prosecuting attorney and a damn good one. Her promotion to Division 6 is sudden, but not surprising until the veil of secrecy is lifted and she learns what lies behind the placid surface of her world. It seems werewolves, demons and vampires are real, and although many of them are law abiding, the evildoers need prosecuting just as human criminals do. The laws are archaic, the punishments swift and bloody but her job is much the same; until she learns the man who made her body burn and her heart tremble a few nights ago is a vampire accused of murder, and her responsibility is to see justice done.

Lucius Dragos has been around for centuries, fulfilling his responsibilities as a dark ops specialist for the council and keeping his ward safe from harm. It was not often any more that lust held him in its clawed grip, but the woman he encountered a few nights ago has his fire burning hot again. Even as he awaits capture the memory of her scent distracts him from the hunt.

When a serial killer Sara put away escapes and is joined by an evil female vampire she needs Lucius alive to find them, and put the killer behind bars again before any more young girls are slaughtered.

When Lucius’ ward Tasha disappears his plans for escape must change. Although a grown vampire, her mind had not transitioned well. To save her from execution he took responsibility for her, and her actions. He needs Sara's help to free long enough to find Tasha and keep her safe.

WHEN BLOOD CALLS is a fantastic first entry in the Shadow Keeper series by J. K. Beck. Hot sex, blood chilling consequences and heart pounding danger kept me riveted to this gritty urban fantasy; the book was finished before I was ready to let go. Thank goodness there are more in the series soon to come and I needn’t wait too much longer for another dose. ‘When Pleasure Rules’ is due out near the end of September; ‘When Wicked Craves’ near the end of October.


Ria said...

sounds good.. I've been planning on reading more now that Angie's in the dorm at school....

Lynx said...

Must. Read. This. Book.!!!!!