Monday, May 24, 2010

No great F.O photos yet but progress

I have made great strides in the realm of F. O.s (finished objects) but the photo session won't be held until Wednesday, probably, so no photos of them yet. I have completed the Knit Picks Espalier, Too shawl, a Knit Picks Farrow Rib Set (in Gloss HW.. yummy!) and a Withig Scarf in Carnelian Heather Simply Cotton Sport (also a Knit Picks Yarn). I will also take photos of the Stellaria Shawl I made in Schoppel-Woole Zauberball in Denim. My model for the photo shoot will be Zelda the dress dummy, loaned to me indefinitely by Zina (Thanks Zina!!)
Knit Picks is going to be carrying my new Stellaria pattern! They sent luscious Stroll Tonal fingering weight yarn in turquoise (Blue Yonder) and purple (Royalty). For a worsted sample (more bang for your hooking time) they sent Simply Cotton Heathers in warm pink (Dogwood) and deep dark chocolately brown (Bittersweet).
I have also finished the first sample (and most of the first pattern including line-by-line instructions AND chart) for the Withig Pattern Collection. The first pattern is an extra long (about 7 feet!) summer scarf in Knit Picks Simple Cotton Sport, colorway Carnelian Heather. I might submit this pattern to Knit Picks too.
I will be releasing both patterns independently by mid June, if all goes well. I have reserved major ad space on Ravelry for the tail end of June, and ad copy for those needs to be submitted by June 4th.
I have also finished the Knit Picks version of my Espalier Shawl pattern (published in Knit Circus Spring Issue this year) It differs from the Knit Circus version in that it uses a Knit Picks yarn (Shine Worsted in Aquamarine) and I have added a seed stitch border. To avoid confusion, I am calling the Knit Picks pattern 'Espalier, Too' and on Ravelry will include a link to the Knit Circus version of the pattern, which will be carried on their site (after I get the PDF finished next week!)
Busy is GOOD. The flare is still here, but MUCH reduced. I messed up my ankle after Tucker mowed the back yard. I couldn't (didn't) resist taking a few steps into my garden. It had been too long. But the payment is high this time. It is taking a longer time than usual to recover ankle function. Oscar is helping me with

(images used are of the various yarns mentioned, taken by the Knit Picks Staff, and text added by me)


Kym said...

Mmmmm. That dogwood sample is speaking to me. . . in a particularly loud voice! :-)

Leslie said...

Oooh, loverly!

Lene Andersen said...

gorgeous!I'm drooling into my keyboard (especially at Blue Yonder and Carnelian).

AlisonH said...

Icepacks! The price of a little freedom, and sometimes we just have to take some. (Said the woman who went out in the sun Saturday evening.)