Monday, April 26, 2010

The Withig Project - Scarf

I am working on a three pattern collection, based on an antique stitch pattern.
The photo is a (pre-blocking) preview of the first of these patterns, a long cotton summer scarf. I'm thinking about adding some fringe, and perhaps a few beads but I haven't decided yet.
I received yarn support from Knit Picks (blessings rain upon their heads) in their new line of simply cotton heathers, and I am in love with this yarn. It is butter soft, and although it may be hard to tell from my photo, the heathers create a subtle depth to the color, adding a glow, not quite a sheen to it.
This particular shade is Carnelian Heather. I have other colors for the remaining two patterns in this series.


AlisonH said...

That's a very pretty red and even prettier pattern.

morewithles said...

Very pretty, Diana. Here's my question -- how (really) is the yarn to knit with? I am not a fan of knitting with cotton unless it's something super stretchy like Rowan Calmer, which I rarely want to fork out money for. I'd love a more affordable alternative. How does this rate, do you think?

Kym said...

Oh, Diana! What a lovely pattern! Can't wait to see it all finished up. :-)

Mokihana said...

Beautiful, Diana!!