Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Wonderful Week

This has been a wonderful gift of a week for me. So many of you commented positively on my blog, and what I write here. I feel very valued, and loved, and warmed from the inside out.
Sometimes I have wondered if I have been a little too blunt/honest/raw about my reality. After this week, I don't think I will ever wonder again. Thank you, thank you all from the very soles of my feet for reading my words. Knowing you are out there listening means the world to me.
Tomorrow when I get up I will pull the names of the prize winners, and get them listed here.
The prizes up for grabs are (in no particular order):
-Barenaked Ladies' brand new cd All in Good Time
-Five patterns of your choice from Otterwise Designs
-The Loch Desk Monster, a wee bit o' Scotland in your office
-2 skeins of hand-painted soy silk yarn
-a collection of crochet-based tools
-Elements of Style by Rosemary Hill
-A tarot card reading.
You have until midnight tonight to leave a comment here, or email me at ottergal AT comcast DOT net with which prize you like the most, and for two entries, mention something you like or don't like about
I wish I had enough prizes for everyone to feel as I do this week, that I won a million hugs.


Lynx said...

not that this will go through either......
but you had me wondering, when did I start my blog?
so looked it up, and holy flougging orbunns, it was the day after amanda's birthday, in 2006.
freaky eh?

Leslie said...

LOVE YOU! I post 100th of 2010 tomorrow, whoa!

Mokihana said...

Personally, I like how real you are. I feel as though I'm getting to know you better all the time! Keep it up!