Thursday, April 08, 2010


How it worked: The first thing I did was establish who had how many entries, then I assigned a number for each entry (there were 70 total entries!!).
After I found out which 7 people won (there were 7 prizes) I then had mini drawings if more than one of the people wanted one of the prizes. (There was a lot of competition for the yarn, as you can imagine, even among just the 7 winners!)
Because no one wanted the crochet tools, they were retired from the field.
If people liked both the yarn and the patterns, but didn't win the yarn, I increased the number of 'pattern prizes' so they won something they wanted. PDFs are good that way LOL.
In no particular order, here are the winners and the prizes they won! If I don't have contact information for one of the winners, and they do not contact me within one week from today, I will choose another winner from the pool of 70 entries next Friday. (minus those who have already won, of course).
Winners, please contact me at ottergal AT comcast DOT net to give me your mailing information.

Congratulations to:
Vertigo1414 who won the Loch Desk Monster!! (I don't have an email for you hon, please write me at the email address above to tell me where to mail your Nessie :-} )
LynnM who won the Yarn!!
Leslie (Gall.) who won the Book!!
Lynx who won the Tarot Reading!!
Rozewolf, who won the Barenaked Ladies CD!!
Joanne M. and Ria who each won 5 patterns of their choice from!!
Joanne, Ria, please send me an email listing the 5 patterns you would like to have :-}
Thanks everyone for making this a terrific week!


Lynx said...

You used my all-time favorite photo for the winnahs! Kewlio!

I actually won? Where's my pen-- gotta mark this day on my calendar! :-D

70 entries.... WOW. I'm not surprised, you are an awesome writer, everyone wants to read you (unless they are stupid)......

AlisonH said...

And the crowd goes wild for the winners! Huzzah! Cheers! Yay!!!

Anonymous said...

oooh, i am especially jealous of lynx! :)

Kym said...

So glad you've enjoyed your blogiversary! Here's to many more happy years of blogging! :-)

Leslie said...

Wowser, thanks, Miz Diana!

Do you still have my addy or shall I send again.

LynnM said...

Lynx is right about that cute celebration picture! And thank you again (I'm still planning to come up for soup and a tarot reading one day when I can afford the plane ticket!)