Monday, April 12, 2010

Mary Jane Lamond and Knitting

I am having a very enjoyable day. Other than a lingering faint fatigue, I think the cold has finally gone. I am spending most of today working on a new pattern based on a night cap from the 1800s. This is a pattern it took me months and months to wrestle into modern terms. I started back when I was less experienced and it took me quite some time to realize there were two lines of instruction missing, and more time to figure out what they should be. Still, the pattern is unique in my experience, not too lacy, not too textured, perfect for Spring and Autumn, worth sticking with. I finally came up with ideas to use it a few weeks ago.
Saturday I received a HUGE box of yarn support from Knit Picks based on a swatch of the pattern and the idea I had for a three-pattern collection (might expand it if I can figure out mitts). Bless Knit Picks!
Because the pattern is only a little complex to work out, and consists only of basic stitches I can listen to music while I work (pausing if I get to an intricate bit that needs re-counting).
I rediscovered my Mary Jane Lamond cd Lan Duil. As it is in Gaelic (which I don't speak), it impinges less on my concentration, almost like listening to celtic chant. I love her voice, and I love this music. It is perfect for knitting today.
On another of her albums, Suas E! she has a traditional spinning song, 'Òran Snìomh' .
"Spinning songs (used to accompany the spinning of wool) are no longer commonly sung. As the industrial age encroached on Cape Breton, this tradition along with many others retreated. This song is based on the singing of the late Lachlann Dhòmhnaill Nìll (Lauchie Dan N. MacLellan) of Broad Cove, Inverness County."
(link is to lyrics)

Here is a youtube video of her music you might enjoy:


AlisonH said...

Don't those flower brackets look like the center of a center-out work of lace? Are they not just begging to be knitted or crocheted?

Leslie said...

All of the post is lovely. A new to me musical artist, thanks!

Kym said...

Nice! Thanks for sharing.