Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Giveaway Here on Knitcircus Blog-Tour Tomorrow!

Tomorrow Is a Very Big Day!
Otterwise will be hosting a stop on the blog tour for Knitcircus Magazine, and Editor Jaala Spiro will be stopping by to chat about crafters and giving.
Long before I thought about submitting my Espalier Shawl pattern, Knitcircus has been one of my favorite magazines. They always have wonderful designs for knitting, but they also include lovely surprises like insightful reviews of books, yarn and helpful tools, recipes, sewing patterns, and great interviews with people like Ysolda Teague and, in the most recent issue Lily Chin (beginning on page 27).

To give you a glimpse into the high quality of the magazine, here are some of my favorite patterns/recipes from recent issues: (links are to the Ravelry pattern page, for more photos)

From Issue # 6, the Goth Gauntlets and the Black Bean Salad, both by Elizabeth Morrison.

From Issue # 7, the Crop Circle Shawl by Michelle Miller and the Indian Corn Scarf by Jeanette Cross.

Many thanks to Knitcircus Magazine for offering a PRIZE for their stop here tomorrow!!! Anyone who comments will be eligible to win a pdf of the complete set of 17 patterns from the newest issue of Knitcircus!! Go visit the link, there are loads of free articles and a YUMMY oatmeal cinnamon chip cookie recipe!


Leslie said...

You know me, I check you out every day! Great photos, and again congrats on the success that is happening to you.

AlisonH said...

Echoing Leslie here. Congratulations!

pressly said...

Looks like an amazing publication! Nice photos. I can't visit tomorrow as I'll be on a plane.. .but maybe this comment counts?
Thanks! Leanne