Monday, February 08, 2010

Bat Girl!!!!

(Image property of Corvus Tristes Blog visit the 2nd link below to see even more cool photos)
I have been reading Corvus Tristes for about a month now, and have enjoyed her posts on skully buttons and romantic embroidery patterns featuring cuttlefish and Cthulu, but this past Friday she stunned me. I was totally gobsmacked with awe and lust for her skilz.
Using a few bits and bobs and three thrift store shirts, the woman made a BAT MAN SHIRT !!!! (link is to the appropriate blog entry).


And the woman is SO multi-talented. You should pop on over to her Etsy shop. She's got goods ranging from an elegant jade and wood choker, to handmade Squid Toggle Buttons (well, she USED to have the squidlings, until I bought them just now! Neener neener neener!).


Kym said...

That is one cool shirt! :-) Thanks for the link.

Leslie said...

I won a set of the squidlings, neener, neener to you, LOL.

Turns out Tala and I have friends in common here in CO, tho we have never met face to face. How's that for a small world?

How's this for a WV : sucklbou

Corvus said...

Colorado is a small world, but the RenFair is even smaller. And who in the Fair scene doesn't know Mac? :)

Thanks everyone!