Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Yarn Organization

Today while Oscar is out running errands, I am going through the last disorganized bit of my yarn stash.
I am doing it in two stages.
One stage where anything that already has a specified bag (Malabrigo, Yarn with Design ideas already attached etc) goes in it's special bag or bin, and anything without a home goes in a big empty 'orphan' bin.

The second stage is to take the 'orphan' yarns and create catagories and storage solutions for them (either bags within bags, or drawers).

Then I need to decide what should stay in the living room (hopefully just Works In Progress, design tools and finished objects, eventually) and what will live in the studio.
In reality the studio isn't QUITE ready to receive the majority of my stash, so it will remain in the living room for at least another week. I may also need to expand what stays in the livingroom. The primary purpose of the studio right now is for Oscar to do homework, at least until his back room Man Cave Study is ready for him.

Then on to the 'tools'. I want most of them to live in the studio too, keeping just the basics out for playing around with new ideas.
Now that I work anywhere up to 70 hours (70 hours when I am feeling great) per week on Otterwise and other knitting, I really want the living room to be for relaxation and working on only a few projects at a time, rather than all yarn all the time.

When I am ready to decide on yarn for the next project, I can bring out a selection to play with, then put them away when the decision has been made.

But for now, I need to stop blogging and start sorting, or Oscar will be back before I get anything done!


Leslie said...

Welcome to my world, LOL. Love that green BTW..

morewithles said...

oh my gosh, ORGANIZING yarn is half the fun of having it, i think! :)

Lynx said...

You can never be too rich or thin, or have too many books or balls of yarn!

'Zann said...

Wow - Diana, you inspired my getting on with my Fitness Project last year (40 pounds lost, a few to go)when you posted about the pedal exerciser. And now it looks like you're going to be inspiring my House Fitness Project as well. I have the same issues with living room work/studio work /storage. Look forward to more of your sharing how you are organizing your work life and Stuff with relaxing life.

Kym said...

You've helped me name my problem. . . I have too much Orphan Yarn! :-)