Thursday, January 14, 2010

Best Laid Plans!

I got up this morning, worked a bit on a new submission for Knit Circus' Summer Issue and prepared to plunge into my planned afternoon working on my TKGA Hand Knitter master's Level 1 tasks. First I checked the site to see if there had been any updates (there hadn't been the last three times I checked, but why take chances?) and found that program had been updated last week Wednesday!
So I sent off an email requesting the updated package.
So I guess I'll start that Thursday Master's Program thing after I get the update.
So, back to the crocheted Kimono for Great-Nephew Levi (due February 14th) and more work on my Knit Circus submission!
With breaks for dishes and more yarn organizing. And tea.

Edited to add: The updates just arrived in my mailbox! Back on task! (with a cup of tea, too)

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Lynx said...

Finally thought of an answer to our warped mind thread:
"I weft my heart, in San Fwancisco..."