Sunday, January 17, 2010

Trading Up For Ireland

I was reading Deb Robson's blog yesterday and discovered a free-lance writer named Rosemarie Colombraro was starting something pretty darned interesting.
Remember the red paper clip guy who traded up for a house using Craig's List?
Rosie is throwing her fate on the winds and seeing if she can use a similar method to make one of her dreams a reality.
She wrote:
"I was reading an e-newsletter sent by Barbara Winter, author of “Making a Living Without a Job,” and was making notes on her first article titled “7 Easy Ways to Warm Your Cockles” Since I had no idea I even had cockles, I figured I’d better take notes. I wrote down the seven ways and planned to start cockle-warming first thing in the morning. I read on, and stopped at an entry about a workshop held in Galway, Ireland.

Be still my heart. This area of Ireland had called to me for the better part of my 50 years on this earth. It was on my “Boxcar List.” That’s like a bucket list, but much bigger and harder to ignore. I had written about the female pirate queen, Grainne O’Malley, and recognized her castle immediately among the pictures on the workshops web site. There was a strange need to visit, to walk the countryside and find spiritual sites I knew but could not describe, to breathe the air of a country that I recognized only through genetic memory, through the drops of blood that came from my Irish ancestors. Years ago, I shared my draw to the Galway region with a fellow writer who came from Ireland. “No matter how many generations are away,” he said, “Ireland always calls her sons and daughters home....

I believe that some things may seem improbable, but nothing is impossible. And I started thinking about the guy who had nothing but a paper clip. I did a quick look through my apartment – remember, readers, I am packing, so pickings are slim. But here are some items I found that I am willing to barter to piece together a trip to Ireland, in order of value:

1. 6 AAA batteries. Not new, but a few of them might have a little bunny left in them.
2. A wire hanger, used.
3. My wig, used this summer during my bald period.
4. The hair of a dog. Really. The hair of a dog. TRADED for handspun yarn – see pics and description in “Trading” page
5. A Virgin Mobile Kyocera phone , with chew marks and a battery that is still fairly good.
6. And, if I find it, I will offer a four-leaf clover, found by me. This is surely worth an entire trip, flight and all! Let me know if anyone is interested in this one and I will look harder. (UPDATE: I found it!)

Here’s more:
JUST ADDED: My high school class ring, circa 1975.
My voice: Got an advertising project that needs a female voice?
My skill: Blog content? A story…on Ireland? Want me to tweet about your Irish wolfhound?

So, whatcha need? Let’s trade! We can’t win if we don’t play. I’ll post offers here and keep you updated on any progress. And if this dream doesn’t happen right now, it will eventually. There is always a Plan B."

She has added a Trading Up For Ireland Barter Page to her site that will log updates on her quest.

What does this have to do with me?
I decided to join in the fun, and traded two of my shawls (the sample of Aconite, and the Berroco Seduce Dragontail sample) for some glorious fiber Deb Robson traded for the hair of a dog.

I've always wanted to visit Ireland, too. I may not get there, but it will be very satisfying to help Rosie go!

So, if you would like to trade for either of my shawls or anything else that is listed (two Belgian lace butterfly pins have been added since I last looked) click on over and, if you feel drawn to, help Rosie get to Ireland!


~laurie aka rewselene said...

The dangerous thing about Ireland is, you can go there for a planned two weeks and end up staying for three years ... ask me how i know lol!
laurie aka rewselene

AlisonH said...

Wow. To her wish and your generosity (although the latter doesn't surprise me in the least!) Wow!

Kym said...

Can't wait to hear how this all works out! :-)