Saturday, January 16, 2010

How Designers are Helping Haiti

Casey, a guru of Ravelry (responsible for the rocking code and many other fine and wondrous things) Has created a special search tab "Help for Haiti".

If a designer wishes to contribute all or part of the proceeds for one of their designs to the Haiti relief effort, they add that tag to the pattern page on Ravelry, then write in the description the details of their donation (what percentage, where they are sending the money, all that good stuff) Then a Ravelry user simply types "Help for Haiti" in the search box, and all those patterns come up, and the knitter or crocheter can help by buying one or more of the tagged patterns. With more than half a million registered users, this can make a serious dent in the money needed to help.

Both Alison Jeppson-Hyde and myself have ties to Haiti through family members (her son has Haitian friends through the Morman ministry, and my uncle Marshall and family lived there for a time when they were missionaries years ago.)

Putting it all together this morning made the choice of a donation pattern easy:

The bag I designed for Alison's new notebook computer when she was so sick last year; The Alison Bag.
(first link to Ravelry page) I will donate 50% of the resulting proceeds of the Alison Bag to Doctors Without Borders, through the Knitters without Borders program.
That donation deal also goes for the pattern purchased on my blog here (see the 'buy now' button at the right of this page) and for any Alison Bag purchased on Patternfish, through January 31st.


Karen said...

Thank you for your goodness, dear Diana. You're an inspiration.

Mokihana said...

You are a gem. Thank you so much for your post.