Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cool Craft

While doing a google search for ideas on what to do with Pork and Lentils (a recipe will probably be posted tomorrow) I came across TerraGenesis.

Do you want to know how to make great looking table-top scenery and model terrain on a tight budget? Would you like to exchange terrain making tips and show off your model scenery to a family-oriented community where the emphasis is on encouragement rather than criticism? Here at TerraGenesis, we've been doing all that since 1997.

The specific link was to this: Ork Stompa
(Evidently, lentils make great rivets. Who knew?)

then I spotted the gallery... 199 PAGES of really cool table-top model builds based on all sorts of stuff, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Urban fantasy, Gothic stuff, ancient castles, whatever you can conceive seems to have someone representing it in mini-3-d form. Mainly this stuff is used for role-playing games (Ahh.. I remember my days of playing a hobbit-thief named Michelob, back in my D and D days.)
Anyway, thought this was cool beans. (get it? Lentils, beans.. I crack myself up!)

Fr a good overview, I suggest looking at the winners of the Competitions.


Lynx said...

Lhojnya, the elven witch....

hey, we could use VW as names in D&D: today's is Braitamm!

Leslie said...

No kidding, kewl beenz... Thanks for sharing.