Friday, October 02, 2009

Finishing Up

The last few weeks have morphed into an autumn session of finishing things up. I used to do this in the garden; harvesting the last of the herbs, getting cold weather plants a bit protected to use them longer, through the autumn; adding some leaves to the rose bushes to help them get on through the winter...
Now I start looking through projects and finishing things off to clear the decks for winter knitting. I really never stop knitting through the summer. I do knit more often with cotton and silk blends than wool, but wool still gets used. There are more cool summer nights in Michigan than in much of the country.
So this week I finished up a pair of brown socks for Dad (in the wash), and a pair of green Twist on the Wrist warmers for a friend, (they match the ones in the photo in the upper left). And I started a long-promised Cthulhuclava, all the time working on the new shawl pattern for Otterwise.
I also want to create a flowery hat with stranded knitting for Breana, and a colorful poncho for Bricelyn (two of my nieces) but those will wait a bit.
I have the huge swatch knitted for the submission to Creative Knitting for Fall 2010 and plans in the works for a submission to Knit Circus for their Spring issue, but neither of those is due until a bit later, and I hope to have my desk set up first so I can do some drawing for the schematics.
That will also give me enough flat space to finish sewing together a Winged Cardigan for a friend in California.
I have several promised packages to put together, too. A hat to Colorado, a camera to Union City, etc
Today I will wait 'til the pain meds kick in, and continue gathering unfinished projects (I want to finish the Malabrigo Farrow Rib scarf for Oscar soon), and sort out books to go to the library sale.
Tomorrow our pal Amanda and wee Sean will be visiting (if they are over their colds). Sean and I will be keeping each other occupied while Amanda and Oscar continue clearing the space for my desk. When they leave, I will work more on sorting and organizing yarns and projects.
I realized recently that, although my pace is slow, I work every day. Sometimes only 4 hours, but every day I am working on something for Otterwise designs.
On my birthday (Tuesday next week) I am going to spend all day pre-drafting and spinning. It puts me in such a good mood. I'm hoping to arrange my schedule enough to spin at least three times a week, if only for a few hours. Oscar commented on how pleasant I am if I have spun a bit LOL. He says it is equivalent in effect to my morning coffee.

My friend Dreamspinner sent me a wondrous gift this week. A HUGE bag full of beautiful blue roving, with strands of other color to add subtle texture to the yarn, as well as some of her beautiful Blue Face Leister/bamboo blend roving she mixes herself.
I keep it close to pet. It is sooo soft and shiny. It will spin into fabulous laceweight yarn for a shawl. Thank you Teri!
It will be good to have the house organized. I think it will make for a MUCH better winter this year, and that is a worthy harvest in itself.


Zina Lee said...

Wow, what a great gift! Please do post pics, I'd love to see it. Someday, I'd love to get into spinning...someday when I have a place in which to light!

Leslie said...

Ooooh, Jealous (1) on the fiber.

Love the wristers too..

Lynx said...

if any of the books are Butcher's Dresden series, sell them to me instead. The Boy loves Harry Dresden! (I'm pretty fond of him myself, LOL)...

And LOVE the Hootchie Cozies at Anticraft!!!! Now to find some hootch bottles..... oh yeah, that is funny... will they fit on a Pepsi bottle do ya think????

Kym said...

You are very productive! Fall always gets me in a finish-it-up and clean-it-out kind of mood. It feel really good to be organized (even if things don't stay organized for long).