Friday, October 16, 2009

Elijah Variations

One of my favorite things about designing is when other people like to make the patterns. Especially if they like to make them more than once! Two people in particular, where the Elijah hat Pattern is concerned.
Teri had never cabled before, but because of the nature of this particular pattern stitch, I was able to break the cabling row down into micro units, and she was so proud to be able to do it! Because I am dyslexic, I tend to lay out directions in the simplest terms possible, and in this case, it worked out great :-} I felt so happy when she wrote in her comment:
"TAHHHH DAHHHH!!! Houston - We have LIFTOFF!!! THANK YOU Diana!!!

I FINALLY “GET” & can DO - CABLE knitting!!! You are a GENIOUS!!! Your crystalline CLEAR “Destructions” - PAINTED an equally CLEAR pattern - step by baby step!!!

Who knows - my new Knitting Maven you - I MAY be ABLE to finally teach my pathetically DYSLEXIC SELF - how the @#%)^&!&%!!! - to knit well enough to finally make those lacy dreamy Faroese featherlite knitted lace shawls I’ve only DREAMED of - someday!!!


I think she has made five Elijah hats, so far. She is amazing!
Here are photos of some of her hats:

LynnM (LynnieAnnie of the Dragontail post) has also been making Elijah hats.
My favorite comment on her hats: "Teen Claimed it on Completion!"
Here are photos of her Elijah Hats:

I am so glad I designed this hat... It has brought me more joy than i could have imagined :-} (The PDF Download of the Elijah Hat pattern is available for $4 at the right side of this page.)


Zina said...

I LOVE this post! And I love the thought of you helping others to discover how amazing they can be! :)

Teri said...

That's sEVEN Elijah hats so far & four more waiting ... I hadda take a little time out to spin some yarnage for two of them & work on a knitted gift shawl for Christmas too. Still say - THANK YOU!!! Honey says after FIVE of them - Well Babe - I can NEVER have ENOUGH HATS! Loves n Stuff You Dominknittrix You! Teri

LynnM said...

The design really looks so much more intricate and difficult than it is to knit up. I couldn't get over how quick it was to make the second one! Very pretty, fun pattern! I'm planning to make the next one in cotton as a chemo cap. It's nice to keep ready a portable project that fits in a ziplock bag so I'd better cast-on!

Leslie said...

Awesome... Kewlio!

Mokihana said...

Wow!! I think I may have to get that pattern. What a fabulous hat, and of course, your model is fabulous too!

Beverly said...

Your patterns are always fabulous!!!

AlisonH said...

So cool! I'm sitting here celebrating with you!