Tuesday, September 08, 2009


I have been enjoying a used book that arrived last week; 'Ethnic Socks and Stockings' by Priscilla A. Gibson-Roberts. I learned about Turkish and other Mid-Eastern socks from LynnH of Colorjoy, who also is my Sis-In-Love. I often tell Oscar I married him because I loved him, but his relatives were a real bonus :-}
I adore many of the socks, but (if you have a copy to hand) the design pictured on pages 26 and 27 is the pattern I plan to follow first. I see it in different colors, but keeping the warm to cool placement of the yarns.
This is sort of a dream-knitting project. I am going to thoroughly enjoy all the preparation and anticipation, even if the socks themselves don't get finished for a year or so.
I may just make one of the socks, and work on a different pattern as the second sock of the 'pair'. Lynn advises that it would look fine if I used the same colors in different patterns, but I have to admit, it will likely not happen that way. I am much more likely to pick different colors for the second sock. That's how I 'roll' :-} I visualize myself tooling around my first knitting conference, gorgeous socks showing to best advantage under a not-too-long simple black cotton skirt..... Like I said, its my dream-knitting project. :-}


AlisonH said...

I love it! Have fun! I'm laughing, thinking of the outraged random woman who stopped me once and went, Your socks don't match! And I went Yeah, isn't it cool?

Some fad she hadn't heard about yet, clearly.

journi said...

I really am amazed at the book Ethnic Socks. I am still at the begining stage with my socks - I can make 'em as long as they aren't too complicated............... I keep practicing so that they will become automatic but my fingers always get in the way of my needles and I haven't been able to teach myself the Magic loop or cirular needle method.
Have a great day and lots of fun!
Karlee a/k/a Journi

Kym said...

Oh, I love the colors! Great socks! And who says socks need to match. . .

socks said...

Wow! Those Turkish socks are great, and I have to agree... socks don't have to be identical. Not at all!

I'm a huge sock fan. I've got about 50 pairs. My favourites are Paul Smith socks and Socks for Happy People. There's a chance to win the Socks for Happy People launch collection right now on their site www.socksforhappypeople.com, I think. But of course you won't win, because I will. :P