Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A ColorJoy Contest!

For the next 6 days (there were 7 days, counting yesterday) LynnH of Colorjoy is having a contest on her blog! She says:
"Lark Books has provided me with a copy of Joy of Sox to give away here. I had some fun thinking of what I would like to do as a contest. Since I am ColorJoy and the book also has Joy in it, I am going to have a seven-day period of ColorJoyfulness here. You may enter once every day, from today (Tuesday, September 8 ) until next Monday."

My entry was a link to the photo above, and the comment:

This week we are cleaning and decluttering, and I have an interesting laundry basket.
I happened to shoot a photo of the laundry basket just because I liked the colors, then your contest rules were posted LOL (yes, I take pictures of anything, even laundry)
My words:
I imagine the bright to be a color shading between tangerine, apricot and pink grapefruit, unable to make up it’s mind. The midtone I want a bright cobalt blue, like a deep blue glass with the sun shining through it.
The dark I want to be deep blueish black. I played with the idea of shoting a hot green in there (colorwheel says that woudl work fine) but I loved the velvety bluish black in my photo.

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Anonymous said...

Taking pictures of laundry is genius!