Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Spinning Giddy

I haven't spun much in my life, but the little I did, I loved. I have used a drop spindle, but was too afraid to try a spinning wheel. I guess I thought it would go too quickly for me or something. Anyway, when I became disabled, and sitting up for too long became harmful if done on a regular basis, I put thoughts of spinning aside, but never got rid of my drop spindle.
Now, through someone I met on Ravelry, I have learned that spinning while reclining is possible! A little slower, but doable. Still, I put off trying, as the only roving I have is too matted to use for yarn. After winning Rockpool Candy's contest, she sent me some wonderfully gorgeous handspun yarn, vibrant with energy. I will share photos of my lovely yarn another time, as I am not up to setting up a photo shoot today, and the yarn deserves my best efforts. As I played and petted my new yarn that old longing to spin came back stronger than ever. And I happened to know Rockpool Candy was having a major sale on her roving this month... so I flat-out indulged myself and bought two batts. When they arrive, I will practice spinning again. If I do well, and space allows and money allows, I may try a spinning wheel next. I love a new challenge!
(below, images taken by Rockpool Candy of batts similar to the two I will be getting soon!)


AlisonH said...

Ooh, pretty!

Someday I'm going to try the Support Spindle from Royale Hare (if she still sells it; it's been on my someday list for years.)

Leslie said...

Check out Spin Out magazine 20 years of Articles. I just saw it in my LYS today. Surely there will be something there that will motivate you to spin. I LOVE my wheel, best investment I have made for my sanity in years.