Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Day, New Mood

Despite a distinct lack of sleep last night (I am allergic to my CPAP mask and sometimes the itchiness wakes me up and I am too uncomfortable to get back to sleep) I have a much sunnier outlook this morning.
I set my pattern-writing aside and worked on the first of three pairs of socks for Dad.
It is so wonderful that he is still around to wear them, it was impossible to feel down any longer.
He had a terrible stroke last summer and was not expected to survive, much less thrive. He has spent most of the summer up north, in Gaylord, enjoying acres of woods and his wild critter watching. He uses a cane up there, not even a walker. This from a man the docs said would never walk again.
It is a great pleasure to me that my parents, not lavish with praise, have mentioned how well the socks I made him fit, and that he wears them almost every day.
Mom paid for yarn, and I am knitting him some more. I hope he wears them out, I can always get the needles out again. That's my wish for Dad, to keep out of that wheelchair, and wear out multitudes of socks.


Leslie said...

Great tribute to the human spirit.

AlisonH said...

What a beautiful picture that so captures your dad's comeback. I can't help noticing the ferns, after knitting fern lace the last few days; somehow that just tickles me.

Karen said...

Faithful, good daughter. I hope your dad continues to improve. The socks can only help!

momtroll said...

Wonderful! I am so happy to learn that your dad is still improving. The socks will make him feel even better.