Wednesday, August 05, 2009

nasturtiums etc.

Nasturtiums, the purple flower of something that looks like a Chinese lantern, but with the word "Black" or equivalent meaning in the title (memory faded on that one), sunflowers, another view of the cosmos bed, and more nicotiana :-} (tomorrow begins photo number 22)


LynnM said...

I asked a friend from Kentucky if the tobacco fields smelled extraordinary at night in the summer, and he didn't know. (His parents raised cattle.) One of my dream vacations would be to camp out overnight near a large field of nicotiana.

So what time does your botanic garden close ; )

BTW, I love nasturtiums for two reasons. The slugs don't devour them and the raindrops look like mercury when they pool on the leaves.

I'm glad you're only coming up to 22.

Karen said...

Beautiful, beautiful flowers. Thank you for sharing them with us, Diana!

Leslie said...

Oh, thank you for sharing these pictures, they are lovely!