Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I Won!!!!!

Rockpool Candy had a caption contest on her blog
(And if you love fiber, take a gander at her gorgeousness, on crazy sale right now on Etsy)

I won! I will be receiving some of her luscious hand spun goodness as a prize!
I love her batts, but i am not yet set up for spinning.

Here is the photo, and my winning caption:
girl: How many emus did you kill to make this sweater?
boy: Be quiet. I have knitting needles in my pocket, and I’m not afraid to use them.


LynnM said...


Laugh. Spin. Make little boy chunky sweater.

YAY for the win! Must spend a few moments spinning now to keep me and the ol' kiwi wheel from getting too rusty.

momtroll said...

Congratulations! I'm happpy for you. It was a great caption, too.

Mokihana said...

Wow... congratulations! Great caption!

Lynx said...

oh my, that is even better than LOLcats!