Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Seven to Ten Pounds of Yarn

I was lucky enough to get on the list of knitters to receive yarn provided by Land's End's Feelgood campaign this fall. The yarn will be sent to me direct from Land's End providers, and the knitted items will be sent on to Warm Woolies.
The SEVEN TO TEN POUNDS of yarn will be shipped out to me the first week of September, the items are to be received by Warm Woolies no later than December 14th. To give you a comparison, a large skein of worsted weight yarn (220 yards) weighs around 3.5 ounces. That is a LOT of yarn to knit into warmth in just under three months (to be certain of it arriving in time).
Thank goodness Warm Woolies likes the items sent in to be knit of double stranded worsted, or bulky yarn. And I have a feeling I can get some of the Ravelry Warm Woolies members to help out, if some live in the area.
I also think I need to get started on my Christmas/Yule knitting soon if I am going to fit it all in!


LynnM said...

A daunting quantity o' yarn! What a wonderful project!

Leslie said...

The way you knit, I know that you will achieve the deadline.

Karen said...

You're a good person, Diana! Must look up Warm Woolies to see what it's about!

momtroll said...

That sounds just great! It will be fun to keep your hands warm knitting when the weather gets colder. What a lot of lucky folks to receive warmth from warm hands working from the heart.

AlisonH said...

Wow. I hadn't heard of that one. I hope it's all going to come in colors you love to work with.