Friday, July 31, 2009

Lovely day planned

Today we are meeting Oscar's family at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens for a few hours, then going on to Yotsuba for dinner, where we will be meeting Amanda, Tommy and Sean. Oscar's mom is an honorary God-Grand-mother to Sean , and she will be meeting him for the first time :-}

I am really looking forward to seeing Liz, Lynn, Brian and Fred, it has been more than a year, I think. I am also looking forward to taking some photos in the gardens.
The last time Oscar and I visited the gardens, we were in the conservatory (that's where I took the photos on today's blog). This time I hope to explore outside a bit.

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Karen said...

What beautiful photographs, Diana. I hope you have good weather and a wonderful day together. And yum! A good dinner at Yotsuba's as well!