Friday, June 05, 2009

Lovely walk today

Oscar and I took a nice walk today. We were getting into shape to participate in the Bridge Walk on Memorial Day (September 7th) this year. Oscar would be walking, I'd be riding in my chair, or at least that was the plan.
Now that Eldora has been moved to September 9th, there is no way I can do both this year. It would mean traveling up to the straits of Mackinac on Sunday, doing the bridge thing on Monday, then driving all the way down to New Weston, Ohio to be there for the race on Wednesday, then coming home.
I am looking at a week or more to recover just from the New Weston, Ohio leg of the journey we made two days ago.
So what we're deciding to do is move the bridge walk to 2010, which would be a celebration of Oscar's 50th birthday (July 7th), and go to Eldora this year (which is a race Oscar has dreamed of seeing for years).
We will still be doing our walks, to get into better shape, but the bridge walk has been put off a year due to rain this past Wednesday.
Anyway, I took a few photos while we were out today, then played with them in Photoshop.

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AlisonH said...

Grate picture! (Heh.)