Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yarn Art

One of my favorite kinds of art involves using everyday objects in a skewed way, something that gives me a slightly different perspective on the world.
There are lots of examples of this in the fiber world (the car cozy, tank cozy, and motorcycle cozy projects come to mind, and the crazy (in a good way) Knitta group in Texas who strikes at night, covering random lamp posts and tree limbs in fiber.)
Today on Ravlery the creator of the "Not-So-Ubiquitous Knitted Chair";Yuvinia Yuhadi, posted another pattern, called 'Lace it Up'.
The way Ravelry cropped the photo, I thought it was a funky kinda sock thing, then clicked on it, and discovered it was a knitted chair cover. Way cool.
I don't think I'll ever cover a chair with my knitting (except in a "Work in Progress" kind of way) but I love looking at art.
(photo is my slightly altered version of Colorjoy's Felted Bowl pattern)


AlisonH said...

I showed my daughter the tank cozy, etc etc, and I wish I'd had a camera at hand to capture the look on her face!

Leslie said...

I love your bowl, BTW

Those Knitta gals are an inspiration, I put a cozy on my aspen for Earth Day. You can read about it on my blog.