Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ways to Hug a Tree

I'm a tree hugger, and proud of it. I still like lumberjacks. and appreciate the need to feed their families, but I also love trees and owls and critters of all sorts.
My friend Leslie commented here on Otterwise a few days ago that for Earth Day this year, she created a tree cozy. (for photos, here's her BLOG ENTRY)

I really like this idea. I'm pretty sure the robin outside in the backyard wouldn't appreciate an Aran sweater knit especially for him, but I usually scatter my old wool and cotton scraps in the yard early in spring for the nest builders. (It makes for an interesting summer with bits of cobalt blue and bright pink flashing between the leaves of the maples.)

And if I were to follow Leslie's example, putting an unexpected bit of knitting on a tree I love, I'm pretty certain the neighborhood would notice. Maybe in a bad way, but I bet more in a good way.


niftyknits said...

sounds like your friend's heard of yarnbombing!

Magaly Guerrero said...

It's all about compromise. It is difficult to set boundaries when it comes to trees/nature and the need for humanity to survive. I love trees too, and bushes, and flowers... but I also know that people need to stay warm in certain places.

Compromise? Plant as you cut, preferably two--or three--for one. Who knows, we might get lucky and reach some balance.

Thanks for sharing the pic, it's lovely :)

Diana Troldahl said...

Great point, Magaly. And thank you, I love the pic too. I took it up on our family's land in Gaylord, Michigan, and it is of beloved DH Oscar, and my friend Amanda, pregnant with our godson Sean.

(I mostly knit for humans, myself, but I love the quirkiness of knitwear on a tree limb or lamp post.. or maybe an historical building up for destruction, as a statement of cherishing?)

Diana Troldahl said...

Thanks Niftyknits! thanks to your link, I have my blog already done for tomorrow :-}

Splendid Little Stars said...

Oliver IS my black and white cat. I love the name basil--so cute!

Splendid Little Stars said...

fantastic post! enjoyed the link-cozies for trees, cars, whatever--like humorous sculpture.
Now I must go put bits of yarn outside for the birds. Hope it's not too late).