Saturday, May 02, 2009

Just Breathe

One of the simplest things possible to do for your health doesn't involve finding time to exercise, weighing every ounce of food, or taking multiple vitamin capsules three times a day. It is done simply by mindfully intensifying something you do as a matter of course, thousands of times a day.

I know for me, if I wake up in pain, it somehow dulls the pain and increases my energy to take ten deep breaths before even trying to get out of bed.

If I am having a bad day and am unable to complete my usual exercises, simply breathing helps to burn calories. The more oxygen (within reason, no hyperventilating) I can give my system, the more calories I am able to burn. Unless I am having an asthma attack or something, I can breathe every minute of every day :-}

A quick internet search turned up several articles with more information, if you are interested (all from Associated Content):

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photo is of Oscar and Amanda (and a wee Sean still in Amanda) hugging one of the trees creating oxygen in the Gaylord, Michigan area

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