Thursday, February 26, 2009

Goulash and Paprikash recipes

I've been working hard on the book, and now I think it needs to rest a day.
So this morning I put together a crock pot of Hungarian Goulash off the back of a package of Kluski noodles.
VERY simple, and not a tomato in sight. Important since my citric acid allergy is in full swing.
Our family made "Hungarian Goulash" by frying out hamburger and onion, and sometimes peppers, then adding tomato sauce and elbow macaroni. It was tasty, no doubt, but didn't resemble the recipe I found on the Kluski.
For this recipe, I fried out lots of thinly sliced onion. The recipe said to cook until translucent, but I love the taste of caramelized onions so I let them get a bit golden brown.
The recipe said to add 1 inch chunks of a 1.5 pound beef roast to the pot, but I decided to brown that out, too. Instead of using beef broth (the broth we have on hand has tomato in it) I just used some water to get the fond off the pan after browning the beef. Our beef roast was over three pounds, so I am doubling the recipe.

We had Hungarian paprika on hand, (spicier than the standard Spanish paprika, more readily available here in America) so I added a bit more than two tablespoons to the pot, along with a little salt and a lot of black pepper.

That was it for the recipe: Onion, Beef, Paprika, Water and Broth, but in place of some of the 4 cups of liquid (minus 1 cup for deglazing the pan) I used a cup of chicken broth left in the fridge, about a half cup of leftover spiced wine, and a little bit of the beef bouillon Oscar bought, mixed with water. I'll put it over the kluski noodles, of course, but I think it would taste fine over rice, too.
I think this will make lots and lots of meals in the freezer. (We freeze individual portions, for Oscar to take to work, and for me to have at home)
Edited to add: I added about 3 TBS of brown sugar, and 1/4 cup of balsamic vinegar, because I like it tangy. Woudl also have been delicious with orange juice added.

I know my description doesn't make for easy cooking, so I've linked to a similar recipe I found online.
I think I'll try a recipe for Chicken Paprikash in a few months (after the Hungarian Goulash is gone). Here's a ink to that, as well: CHICKEN PAPRIKASH although I think I'll forgo the fudgcicle, and we'll leave out the sour cream.
(image at top is another photo Oscar took while in Florida. The orange of the hibisicis reminds of the the goulash :-}

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