Saturday, January 10, 2009

The warmth of family

We had a wonderful time yesterday.
Lynn (Oscar's sister), Brian (her husband), Oscar and I met for sushi, then went for tea (coffee in my case) and talked for hours.
Lynn and I exchanged knitterly gifts, she gave an ADORABLE penguin to Oscar (see pics at her blog, HERE) and we had a wonderful time.
One of my gifts was a teeny tiny Jayne hat, which will make me the object of great envy at Penguicon in May :-}

Another was a cd by Jen Sygit, a Lansing singer/songwriter whom I've often admired.
Yet ANOTHER was a beautiful skein of hand painted alpaca.... I am already well into a RUSSULA CAP (pattern on Ravelry HERE) suitably adapted for my small head.

I gave her an afghan knitted from her pattern Kristi's Comfort Wrap or Lap Blanket, and a pair of slippers adapted from Coco knits Praire Boots.
From the photo Brian took last night, I think she Likes them :-}


Leslie said...

Got a better pic of the booties, I need to make something like them.

I LOVE the Colours, BTW.


momtroll said...

I am so glad you were able to get together for your celebration. Later is somethimes better because you are not exhausted from the holiday. I love the blanket you made for Lynn. I know she will use it over and over again. I can hardly wait to meet "Joe"! Merry, merry, Happy, happy!