Friday, January 09, 2009

Hat for Ron

I started a hat for Ron at least twice. I was looking at cabled fanciness and found something I thought would do. The further along I got with it, the grumpier I got, the more wrong it felt. I realized I had chosen the pattern to show off my skills, and not to gift him with something he could use. Within moments of frogging the most recent effort, I found THE pattern. You knitters know what I mean. It was warm, it was classic, it was called the BUBBAFLAP Super Chunky Hat With Earflaps.
I used Berocco Peruvia in blue and dusky purple, three strands held together at a time, and started to knit. I love how it turned out. It's soft, and squooshy, and the warmest hat I've ever made. Ron is a pretty classy guy, but he loves the outdoors. This is a hat that will keep his head warm as it can be.

I have two hats left to make for his family, (for Lori and Liz) and then I can send them all off to them, or meet them for lunch and hand them over. Then on to Kelly and Dawn. :-}


Leslie said...

Cute one..

Leslie said...

So how did you get to be a Knitting Daily Fearless Knitter?

Diana Troldahl said...

Hi Leslie, thanks. I joined
then went to this page: