Sunday, January 18, 2009


My new chair will be delivered to our home this coming Thursday. This means stuff that has been in the way needs to be shifted, so that I can maneuver throughout our living space.

Oscar kicked butt in the living room. One of the obstacles was a long card table covered with crap, and loads of stuff that had been tucked underneath it, all piled in front of our china cabinet.

Oscar sorted through and threw away two full garbage bags of the crap, and has the other stuff that goes other places stacked out of the way. It is so lovely to have the china cabinet open to view again!

I will be sorting through the items within it, deciding what can go other places, so that it can be beautiful inside. Our china cabinet has lights and I want it to be a place of beauty where we can rest our eyes while we continue to clear the rest of the house.

One of my prized possessions is a mirror and frame built by my Great Grandpa Kreider. He was a very skilled woodworker, and built cupboards and other furniture that are still in my grandparent's home (where aunts and uncles live now). My mom bought it for me at the auction after my grandparents died, and my dad cleaned it up for me.

It sits below the shelves of the china cabinet, near the back of a display space and reflects back the light beautifully.

The next hot spot is the kitchen, in front of a cupboard that needs to be cleared, moved, and cleaned under. And sorted through so that items I use most will be within reach from the chair.

Right now, I walk far too much for my doctor's peace of mind. Having the electric chair means I won't be straining my abdomen with the manual one. It means my energy will be focused on making a difference in our lives, rather than recovery from the damaging steps I need to take now.

I am greatful every day for Oscar, but even more so this week. He is putting everything he has into making certain I can use the chair when it comes.

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momtroll said...

Oh, how exciting! I will be waiting to hear how the chair works for you. I will guess it will take a little getting used to, but will be such a wonderful pleasure to have.