Monday, January 19, 2009

One Perfect Place

Because Oscar worked so hard, I was able to create one perfect space in our home.
It rests my soul every time I look at it. It is the seed of order, that will spread and overcome the chaos.

The mirror in the center was built by my great grandpa Kreider.
To the right are a few special items. The silver cocktail shaker was presented to Oscar for his work as Assistant Director for Blithe Spirit. It was the last play I did with PTD Productions. The crystal ball was mine as the character Madame Arcati. I also have a sparkly blue turban with a peacock on top of it. Not just the feathers, but an entire small bird. It's still in the cupboard above, waiting for order.

The rest of the items were mostly chosen because they reflect and hold light.


'Zann said...

Ah, this is lovely, Diana! It's always good to have One Perfect Place to rest the eyes and soul.

I've got your blog in my bloglines and check in once in awhile (we met on the old Woman's Artistic Soul list.) I just signed up to be one of your followers!
bright blessings,

Leslie said...

What a great topic to blog on. Restful indeed, thank you for sharing it with us.. Cocktail Shakers = Bear Proof Martini Glasses in our family.