Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Busy Hands

(note, the patterns I've linked to below are all free, and the Warm Woolies site also has a free pattern section)
I have been working hard organizing my yarn stash so it is more readily accessible to me from near my chair. I spend most of the day in my lift chair these days, waiting for my power chair approval, and it saves me loads of steps to have all the drawers and books and yarn within easy reach. I'll post pictures when I'm done. It's taken 3 weeks so far.

Anyhoo, The pictures I'm posting today are of a wee jacket I made with Malabrigo yarn for Amanda's sweet bump, due on my birthday :-}
It's based on the pattern CUFF TO CUFF INFANT SWEATER by Rae B. Creedle. This was fun to make.
Next time I may double the thickness of yarn and use larger needles to make a child's jacket for WARM WOOLIES. They are having an interesting promotion right now, if you knit 25 specifically needed items for them prior to November 30th, they will send you a lovely thank you gift. If you are interested, be certain to read the details carefully.
I have been doing quite a bit of knitting for them this week. Their need for animal fibers matches the partial skeins in my stash, their patterns are pretty easy even if my brain is in a mushy place, and if I mess up a bit, the item is STILL going to be of use to someone. Another plus; there is no gauge swatch needed, as whatever size you end up with, it will fit someone who needs the warmth :-} It also lifts my mood, helps me feel useful to create something concrete that someone who needs it will benefit by.
Beginning as soon as my stash is organized, however, my main knitting will be the MODERN QUILT WRAP by Mags Kandis. I am knitting it for RAE'S YARN BOUTIQUE from luscious lovely Kid Silk Mohair... I'd drool but mohair tends to mat under moisture.
It's been too long on the needles. The tricky bit is I need to be very sharp to be certain the pattern is followed exactly, and even with the newly mold-free living room, I am finding concentration spotty. Even if I only work an hour a day, though, it will be done well before chilly weather hits. I am determined to finish it. I am about 1/3rd done.

Anyway, more pictures tomorrow.


AlisonH said...

Oh cute!

If you get a chance, tell Rae you made this; she recently went through a major house fire, and could use the upper.

Marietta said...

SQUEE!!! That is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!!!
I want to touch it...why do you have to live in Michigan?! :)