Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kitty Nurses

Oscar had to have toe surgery today. he's doing fine, but he's a bit sore, and needed to spend the day with his foot up with ice on it.

All three cats have been clustered around him on his chair, lending him their special purry powers.

I didn't take a picture of that, as Oscar has enough to deal with today, without a camera-mad wife.
Here are photos of the three Nurse Kitties, though.
Buddha is the tabby, Basil is the black and white, Moonie is brown and white, with blue eyes.


AlisonH said...

Cute Overload here we come!

Mokihana said...

Love the photos... cats make the best nurses!

AlisonH said...

How's Oscar feeling now? I'm wishing I could come over and stroke his fur and help him feel better.