Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rite of Spring

Each year, as I wind skeins into balls I save a little bag of the bits used to tie the long swoops of yarn together.

Each Spring, I sprinkle soft pieces of color around the yard where the birds gather.

Each summer I look for nests with that little extra something :-}


Lynx said...

Pretty colors! What lucky birds you have.
I tried to do that once, and my neighbor called the police for "litter in yard". Excuse me, I should say Person that Resides in My Area, because that is NOT the action of a NEIGHBOR.
Lucky, lucky birds. To come back from Florida and be able to make pretty houses. You are too good!!!

M in JaM said...

I like the way you've presented these images. Gorgeous colours. They belong there in your yard. I remember my mother sending me outside with a bit of salt in the palm of my sweaty little hand so I could catch a bird by sprinkling salt on its tail. Hope you spot some colourful nests.

ikkinlala said...

I might have to try that this spring.

Deborah Knight said...

Well, aren't we birds of a feather?! We could flock together, but I'm afraid I'm an anarchist, too, and would be vehemently opposed to whatever place you thought we ought to gather.