Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Learning Curve

After empirical testing, I found that my new type of fuzzy brain happens an hour after I take my morning pills. I was hoping it would be from the combo of celexa and darvocet, but today I took the celexa alone, and yep, here comes the fuzz, right on time.

I can do housework and simple stuff even with dust-bunny head but any writing is really unproductive then. As is pattern knitting for Otterwise or web work for same.

I think I have a solution, though. I will take all the pills EXCEPT the celexa at my normal morning time, and hold off on the Celexa until early afternoon. That will give me the mornings for brain work *relieved sigh* Since it's a one-a-day med, that should work. If I take it too late in the day it could exacerbate my insomnia, so early afternoon should be the latest I take it.

I can already feel a difference from the Celexa re: pain levels. If I overdo I still have high levels of pain, but if I am cautious, the constant ouchy stuff is much abated (and there is much rejoicing!).

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Mokihana said...

I'm so glad you're getting some relief from the pain. Chronic pain is so overwhelming; it yells and screams and rarely whispers.