Monday, February 18, 2008

Where I'm From (writing exercise)

There's another cool thing blogging it's way around the internet,
Thanks Lynn :-}

(image is taken by Carleton Watkins, of Galen Clark, no relation)
Here is mine:

I am from a cast iron cauldron, from Twinings Tea and home-made shortbread.

I am from the cozy dark otter holt, with a sun-filled skylight.

I am from the flagrant peaony, the velvety mullien, and the sacred sweetgrass.

I am from old ways and largest web, from Anna the Fey and Ruth the Artist and Piff the Adventurer.

I am from the earth wielders and wise ones.

From 'go outside' and 'get your hands out of your pockets'.

I am from the silver lines that feed us all, the old path, and new directions.

I'm from Michigan, born of Irish, English, Scots, German, Cherokee and Alsace Lorraine; Rivvles and garden grown.

From the woman who traveled and spoke of her faith, the man who left black clothes and farming for books and training the farm horses, and the preacher who walked from Pennsylvania to the wild woods where we still live.

I am from the pattern of my cells, the high foreheads and deepset eyes, the itch for experience, but avoided the jughandle ears. (thank the gods).


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this. This was a harder, yet lovely exercise than I expected.

JaM said...

Wow! Heartfelt and HeartWise!

Lutrah's Alter said...

I love your I am from!
I miss your "voice"...
I was thinking of you the other night because I was wearing the beautiful shawl that you made it. It takes me straight to the ocean...
Write to me sometime!
Still at
Man girl you have been knitting up a storm!