Sunday, February 24, 2008

ConVocation 2008 Highlights

"Honey, are my horns on straight?"

Woman dancing anger to the Mother Earth drummers
Another woman dancing love to the same drumbeats.

Jesus dancing to "I Like Big Butts"

Studded skirts flapping as barbarians danced the Chicken Dance.

Reconnecting with old friends thought lost, from more than 10 years ago. (Hi Lee, Jill and Randy!)

Discovering the profound effect one small quilt block can share.
{{{{{{{Tempest's Family}}}}}}} (cyber hugs)

Rediscovering a part of myself I didn't realize was lost.


ColorJoy LynnH said...

Barbarians + chicken dance = belly laugh.

Lynx said...

PLEEEEEEEEEZE tell me you got videos of the Chicken Dance!!!!

JaM said...

First I saw TulipFun as a gorgeous quilt block. The next instant I saw it as digital color play, vibrant with luminescent light. (Hope you get over that cold and feel better soon....)