Monday, December 31, 2007

lasts and firsts

The calendar ends 2007 today, and starts a brand new year tomorrow.
Mostly I feel more in tune with the seasons changing than good old Gregor's calendar but this particular bit still has power for me, right along with much of the world thinking about fresh starts, resolutions, that sort of thing.
To me, it is a two edged coin. Yes, starting fresh, making new resolutions and all that is appealing and extremely useful, but I also feel it is at least as useful to think about leaving unwanted or unneeded things behind with the old year. Vowing to get rid of bad habits definitely falls into this bowl.
I quit smoking on new years, 2001. It took several previous tries, but that one stuck. I tried one more cigarette maybe 6 months later and the yuckiness of it kept me from ever having one again.
I will harness the energies of lasts and firsts this coming year.
I had one bad spate of overdoing this past weekend. Let that be the last time I make such a foolish health choice.
I WILL swim at least once a week unless medically told not to for a week or so (if I have surgery or something). It means I will be fairly useless physically at least a day afterward, but the exercise and health benefits are worth a day of not being physically active. I can write, and design patterns instead of cleaning the kitchen or cooking that day or two each week to recover.

Speaking of writing, that will be an even larger part of my life this coming year. I spend lots of time thinking and jotting things down already, but I want this next year to be about finishing those stories, creating whole worlds and letting the characters finish their arcs. Learning to let go and call them done.
I also have many seminal knitting patterns. I want next year to be about finishing them and publishing them.
Oscar and I are eating healthily now too, and that will be sustained this coming year, and will become habit again. We both feel better when we have good healthy food around to provide our energy.
What will you be leaving behind with 2007? What will you be planting tomorrow to harvest next year?

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