Friday, November 16, 2007

Cunning Jayne Cobb Hat was a BIG HIT!

Chris thanked me a million times for the hat, and kept reaching over to pet and pat it during dinner. I didn't bring the camera so I don't have a pic of him in his hat, but Oscar modeled for me earlier. (see pics below)
Oscar and Chris looked adorable in their matching Jayne Cobb hats at Bob Evans!!!! Next time we get together I'll get a picture of them both wearing them.


Anonymous said...

hahhaha! Oscar *completely* captured the look of the guy in the stills you posted about earlier. Great job Diana!

Anonymous said...

Who's the cute kitty in the 2nd pic? :)

Mokihana said...

Love the photo!!! Oh my gosh, Oscar is hilarious!!

Love the kitty, too!