Friday, November 16, 2007

Busy day, then a week alone

Oscar is on vacation. I am SO glad. He really needs some time off, from work, and from here. He's headed up north, ostensibly for hunting, but the real goal is to get out into nature, away from everything . He will be visiting my Dad, in Gaylord (Michigan), a wonderfully peaceful place. He'll likely be the only person for acres, once he hikes out to his spot. (Dad has a lot of land there).

Today, I need to finish a second Jayne Cobb Hat. If the first one is too big, Chris can have the second one, either will do for Oscar. After making this second one, I think it will match as closely as I possibly can the images I found online HERE I learned what needed changing from the first one :-}

I have all but two items finished for Lynn. I will be shipping out all but one tomorrow or Monday (Oscar will drop them off)

Then there's the knitting for gifts and finishing Lynn's final item next week.

And writing. I didn't wake up with a fever today, if it stays away for a week, I may be able to get lots of writing done while Oscar is gone.

Sherri called. She adopted many of my plants when I had to give up gardening. TWO OF MY ROSES BLOOMED!!!!! In November! I think they like their new garden :-}

Time to go get cleaned up. We also need to go get some blood tests done, go shopping, and then out to dinner with Chris for the presentation of the Cunning Hat.

(image of hat to be done later.. for now, here are some pics from up north last spring, one of the roses, and a few stills of the Hat. )


Rhy said...

Oh gods! I will have to knit a Jayne Hat for Dan! He is such a FireFly fan, that it will be perfect!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what the hat thing is about LOL, but it look like a good show from the link you sent... what is it?

Yay for Oscar on vacation! I always get joy when my dh goes on vacation and gets away from everything and enjoys himself. I get a vacation at home sort of (which I enjoy), and he comes back refreshed.

Roses in NOVEMBER?! Wow, they do like the new garden! I'm glad you found a good home for them! :)

Wishing you no fevers and a productive writing week! :)


Lynx said...

what a busy week you've had! better count your spoons!
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

AlisonH said...

That scowl along with that Pippi Longstocking effect on the little upward loop on the hat...too funny! (Don't tell him I said that.)

Diana Troldahl said...

The show is FireFly, a Science Fiction series, REALLY good.

Lynx, I have some plans for your handwarmers, but I'm not sure when I'll get them done, I WILL though.

Rhy said...

Dear, I would love your pattern. My local yarn shop has just the right colors for it too!