Friday, October 12, 2007


Wow, I feel great.
Oscar and I went to our first class at the rec center yesterday.
It was in held in the 'warm pool' a lovely place full of water with extra buoyancy.

There is also a cooler lap pool for more vigourous classes and to do laps.

The best thing was, neither of us felt out of place. The last few places I've gone to exercise were filled with employees and patrons who were the skinny side of normal. Not here. Even the instructor was strong rather than svelte. And she is fully trained in aqua therapy.
Which means, for the first time, someone has told me what I can do to strengthen my poor cut up abdominal muscles.
I feel it today, but I am not in pain, just a little stiff. She gave us tools and exercises we can do whenever we come to the center, not just at class.

And Oscar was right there with me, getting his own advice about how best to improve his arthritic joints. (and mine).

We spent a full hour moving, without stopping. I loved it, I felt so good! Oscar loved it too :-} Even though the day was grey, we were both riding that endorphin wave :-}

Before all this surgery/arthritis hoo ha I was a very active person, walking miles, swimming, hiking, camping, white water rafting, rock climbing, skiing..

Well, its clear much of that stuff is not going to happen again, but the swimming, that I can work up to. I used to swim three days a week, two miles a day. I am not there yet, but I can be!

And I got up and wrote more than 10 pages in two hours. I think it stimulated my brain, too.

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momtroll said...

How absolutly wonderful that you can enjoy the water again. I'm glad both of you can go. Best wishes on getting those muscles back in tune.