Sunday, October 14, 2007

Giving away the garden

-It has become apparent this year that I can't properly care for my garden. The first year here, I created 7 different beds, but I wasn't able to do any work in any of them this year.
-I also have a friend who is moving, and starting a new garden. Since she helped me with some of the plants in my garden I gifted her with whatever she could use, to take to her new home.
-Gone are the holly, two of the peonies, the variegated dogwood, several roses, the marjoram, some costmary... what is left will need to fend for itself.

But I know the plants that are gone will thrive with her. It is a little sad, but it takes lots of pressure off, both me and Oscar.

We are getting a few things done to the house. A new roof & gutters, and replacing a few windows. One of the windows to be replaced is a huge bank of windows in the living room. The new window will have a wide windowsill, and I will put some plants on there to nurture. Until now, I've not had a good place to put plants inside, so I'm looking forward to it. I'm thinking maybe some scented geraniums.

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momtroll said...

I am glad you had someone to enjoy your plants. I am giving up my veggie garden. The animals loved is so much more than I did that I do not plan to water and pull weeds for them next year! When I started the garden it was very hard to buy organic, now I can get it almost anywhere.