Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Shift in pattern

I find I write new pages best in the morning, while the dreams still linger.
I also sleep less than my husband, 6-7 hours being my optimum. (unless I'm sick, of course)
He plans on being in bed by 11:00 on his new schedule, which works great for me.
Last night we went to bed at 11, and I woke at 5:30. I was able to get 6 new pages written by 8 p.m.

Are they any good? They have potential. I've learned if I let myself start polishing the first time through I never get further ahead in the story. I'll likely have my editing sessions after lunch. If I wait too long, I forget what my gobbledygook mistypings mean.

Oscar will likely be up by 9 or so, I'll wake him if I haven't seen him by 10.
Now I feel the urge to do a little sample knitting on a pattern that popped into my head last night.

The fitness center opens at 5 a.m., too. Hmmm.....

I used to get up earlier than the rest of my family when I was a kid. I forgot how much I miss early mornings.

1 comment:

Lynx said...

mornings, ugh. glad that someone can make use of them!
don't mind me, i'm being whiney today. u can tell becz i don't give a crpa about my f7ing....
thankx for the tip about vit E oil. will get some next payday.L/Y!