Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Knitting and writing and knitting and writing and home improvement

I'm knitting away at the Burly Bag intended for Rae's Yarn Boutique, interspersed with editing and writing for the Kia Marathon.
When Oscar is home, less writing gets done, as we try and do things together and have talks about mutual goals. Yesterday we arranged to have our roofs (home and garage), gutters, and a few windows replaced. Through Oscar's work we get 40% off home improvements. WAY cool.
And no more rain on our heads when we're sleeping.
Our front room has a floor-to-ceiling single pane glass window. We have it covered in plastic for insulation, and the span of glass is too big for easy resale of the home (It would need to be tempered to meet FHA approval for future buyers).
We will have a large window with sliding panels and screens (Yay! Cross ventilation) and a large windowsill for cats and plants (Yay! I can have PLANTS in the house!). It will be lovely to have the winter sun streaming in every afternoon. And I will start shopping for scented geraniums. I've always wanted to have a small collection of scented geraniums to play with in the wintertime. My birthday is next week, and Mom sent me a gift check, so that will cover plenty of plants for the windowsill :-}

Writing is going well, I do best in the mornings, so I plan to get up a few hours earlier than Oscar and write write write. Then I can edit and outline and write more during the day.
The Burly Zig is a perfect knit-along for writing. Whenever I am stuck on a plot point, it is interesting enough to be fun, but mindless enough to let my subconscious come up with what comes next in the story.

here are a few photos, just cuz: #1 is Kitsune the Shiba Inu being thoughtful, #2 is Mountain Mind (also called dotted mint) and # 3 is Monkshood (also called aconite and wolfsbane).

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