Thursday, October 18, 2007

Live streams Music

Ok, I'm a bit behind times with this, but I spent a few minutes today exploring music on the internet that I can play while I'm writing. It started, as most of my journeys do, with a completely unrelated search. This time I liked the looks of Mr. Sean Ryan, current owner of Leap (pronounced 'lep')Castle (I was watching Ghost Hunters from our DVR) and decided to see what he did that allowed him to keep such an interesting fashion sense.
Turns out he is a traditional Irish musician (still trying to find him in specific. there is another Seán Ryan Irish musician who died in 1985, and unless this guy on Ghost Hunters was a particularly cooperative and photogenic ghost, the owner of Leap Castle is a different fellow.)
Anyway, a cursory search led me to LIVE IRELAND with many streams of enticing music, which reminded me of other places to get such things.
Then I found some sites that will take me a looong time to explore.
THOUSANDS of free online radio stations, sortable by genre

Which name I love. The current list of the Top Ten stations on their main page is:
TOP 10
ALOHAJOE - Hawaiian
KPAM - News/Talk/Information
WLUM - Alternative
WZBA - Classic Rock
KLRZ - Cajun
WTKM - Polka
WCLK - Jazz
KKAD - Adult Standards/MOR
WLDB - Adult Contemporary

Perfect for an eclectic gal like myself.

and for Public Radio Stations, there's PUBLIC RADIO FAN

There, That ought to keep you busy awhile :-}

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Heidi said...

Wow, that public radio fan link just changed my life! thanks.