Friday, October 05, 2007

Free Music on the Internet

Of course most of you know you can find music on the internet (We often listen to P!nk's website, I just love the song "U + Ur Hand" for getting started on sluggish mornings).

I have eclectic taste. I love Brian Hefferan's music. I enjoy all the performances, but I especially love his own compositions (give a listen to 'Bright Morning Sun' 'The Creole Waltz' and 'The Sleeping Bear') And nothing cheers me up like listening to the Fabulous Heftones with Lynn & Brian (lots of free tin-pan alley music on that site!)

In the course of my browsing yesterday I also discovered that Gutenberg contains sheet music, and even better, MP3s!!
Here's the page for "Browse By Category, Music, Recorded"
Here is "Who Threw The Overalls in Mrs. Murphy's Chowder?"
by Edward M. Favor

There are also other recordings, including some vaudeville acts

And some films (including atomic tests)

I know there are tons more sites out there with free music of all kinds..
Would you let me know what your favorite sites are?
You can reply here, or email me at ottergal at comcast dot net :-}
(the illustrations below are also from the Gutenberg site, under the category pictures, still. The upper one is of an illustration by John Tenniel for 'Alice in Wonderland, the one below of cave paintings found in 1994 in Vallon-Pont-d'Arc.)


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Sharon said...

Hi Diana. My favorite music site is Streaming folk music 24/7. Heaven. Btw, I love the Zig bags you're working up for Lynn.