Sunday, October 07, 2007

eye candy - knitted objects

I'm busier than a 12-legged grape crusher during grape harvest, but I wanted to post some pics I came across when building my 'notebook' on Ravelry. I didn't realize how much knitting I'd done! Feel free to ask for details. I'll tell you what I can remember . Most are my own design, some adapted from other designs (online and in magazines) some are adapted from Lynn's designs, and a few follow her designs exactly (a rarity for me when knitting for myself ) :-}


Lynx said...

just think of how many things you've knitted that you DON'T have photos of!

momtroll said...

Thanks for an eyeful of treats.

Marietta said...

Oh my Goddess, I just got a gorgeous eyeful! I love the hats, the wrap with the moon clasp, and the abstract knitted object was SO NEAT. For some reason I missed this whole link until today!