Saturday, September 15, 2007

Another Cusp

We're fast approaching another turning point in the seasons, September 23rd at 5:51 a.m. Eastern Time to be exact. I'll probably celebrate just slightly later, unless Oscar ends up working overtime that day (when he begins work at 5 a.m.)

This summer was better than last, for a number of reasons. For one thing, I have finally gotten a handle on how much I can do without damage, and by staying within those parameters, I have felt better and actually accomplished more than I have for years. I didn't get any gardening done, but I have been writing, designing, and knitting like crazy.

Another benefit has been our purchase of a portable air conditioner. Not just for comfort, but for health. The combination of the cooler rooms and no allergy shots this year meant I have had only two small asthma attacks since January, and one of those was up north when the pines were blooming.

I am especially happy for the coming cool weather as it will kill off those %%$%#%^# fleas the possum or squirrel gifted us with. We've already seen a huge reduction in the number we've spotted, since the night temps have fallen into the 40s (F).
I am allergic to the bites, and have had horrible welts on my legs most of this summer.

Autumn means my birthday is coming up soon, and I'm still enough of a kid at heart to be excited by this. This year, Oscar is taking a day off, and we will visit a public garden, or perhaps just go where we can enjoy the color changes. I'll take loads of pictures.

The equinox for me is about balance. Balance has become more than just a good idea, it's become essential. I will celebrate this year by thinking about the benefits of the balance I've already incorporated, and choosing what new aspects I can incorporate in the coming season.
(image is of a typical Michigan October pond, taken during a jaunt to an Apple orchard last year.)

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