Sunday, September 02, 2007

Adventures in Dining: Dragon Fruit

-I love new experiences, and often try new foods. I don't always try the food a second time.
Raw squid, for example, tastes fine, but the texture was not one I enjoyed.
Hamachi sashimi (young yellowtail tuna served raw) is a favorite though... almost buttery. The not-knowing is very much a part of the adventure, and part of the thrill.
-Our favorite local market, Hillers, carries rare and unusual items, so I often buy something there to try at home. This week I couldn't resist the Dragon Fruit, it was so gorgeous!
Lynn said the one I chose looks like a fish, and I have to agree with her! The bright green leaves do resemble fins.

The inside was quite a surprise! It would make a wonderful addition to a Truman Capote-style Black and White Dinner, wedges of fruit served as a simple dessert, or just a palate-cleanser.
The flesh just under the bright fuchsia skin tastes much like kiwi, the center is much sweeter, with a hint of papaya and a smidgeon of berry, almost a creaminess to the taste. I will definitely be buying it again, it made a wonderful snack.


Sharon said...

Diana, this looks like an exotic breed of salt water fish! I'm thinking grilled with a splash of lime. Yum.

momtroll said...

I wonder where it is grown. It really was a surprise to see the inside. Who would have guessed. Thanks for sharing.

Diana Troldahl said...

It's also called Pitaya, strawberry pear, nanettikafruit, or thanh long (among other things) and grows everywhere from Central America, to Baja, the Sonoran desert, Taiwan and China, the Philippines and Israel. The one I bought came from Florida, though.
Here's the Wikipedia entry where I got most of my info

Lynx said...

Mmmm, dragonsushi....
Only we would take photos of our food! I found the negative for the shot of the donut-in-a-bag from 1982 this morning, will send it when I get it reprinted.

Lynx said...

And Yay Diana for buying MADE IN AMERICA!!!!!